Domestic Energy

How good roads sustain America’s domestic energy boom


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Domestic energy production is way up

Recoverable domestic natural gas reserves surged more than 85 percent between 2001 and 2013

192 billion cubic feet of reserves in 2001 354 billion cubic feet of reserves in 2013


U.S. oil and gas industry jobs added (2007-2012)

Energy jobs increased by 32% over that time

Growth in domestic energy production is having a profound impact on the economies of many states

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The boom means we are importing less energy

22.18 1995 1999 2003 2007 2014 27.15 31.01 34.68 23.30 quadrillion BTUs

But ... Domestic energy extraction relies heavily on transportation

A well can generate over 1,800 heavy truck trips
as it is being set up

The rural roads that serve the wells weren’t designed for these loads

More trucks on rural roads means more safety challenges

Annual change in rural heavy truck crashes in Pennsylvania 2005-10 +8.8% Countieswith manywells -3.1% Countieswith few wells 0%

And ... Rail capacity is being stretched

9,500 rail carloads of crude oil in 2008 493,000 2013 rail carloads of crude oil in

New domestic energy opportunities make America’s economy stronger; they also show how our future rides on robust investment in infrastructure

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